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Free Download WinMessenger 2.8.05 - Easy to use and convenient WinPopup replacement. Now that I know about your free tech support page I will describe the problem I encountered to receive a prompt. Improved version of WinMessenger gets.

Communication is very important in any field of expertise. Using software to send a message to someone is the best way to avoid going to the next room or floor if you want to talk to him. WinMessenger makes it possible to communicate back and forth over a Local Area Network, regardless of the used protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX or others). It is similar to standard tools, like Messenger Service, net send or WinPopup, but it is more comfortable and easy to use. The setup wizard will let you decide what components to install if you select the Custom option, during one of its steps. You can also opt for a full or typical installation.

It is available for all Windows platforms and you can even send messages to and from different Windows versions. Incoming messages are displayed in the central region of the interface.

If you receive multiple messages you can switch from one to another with Next and Previous buttons, found on the toolbar. Using similar options, you can also delete or restore messages or copy them to the clipboard. Composing a new message can be done on a separate window. Cut, copy and paste options are available while typing your message and you can insert emoticons as well. You may send a message to individual users on your network or the whole workgroup.

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The name of the user or workgroup must be typed manually in a different field on the new message window. A reply function is available as well. When responding to a message, instead of typing the sender's name, you can just go to his message and click the Reply button. His name and the sent message will be typed in automatically. The application can notify you in different ways, when receiving a new message. The message itself will pop up on the screen, a notification will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen or a sound of your choosing will be played. The software can be set to speak the sender's name and/or the message text.

You can activate one of these features or all of them from WinMessenger's general settings panel. Pros: WinMessenger makes it easier to communicate with other people over a network. You can browse through the messages back and forth, compose and send new ones and reply immediately. Mypublicwifi. There are various notification methods which you can activate, just by clicking a few check boxes. Cons: The receiver's name must be typed manually.

The application will not display other network users. Due to WinMessenger's flexibility, you can relay any message over a network, regardless of the used protocols or Windows version. You can download WinMessenger free.

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