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Poker,thanks mainly to the television and net revolution has quickly risen among the most famous table games in American Culture. Its impact has reached far and wide going as far as east to Japan. The World Series of Poker has further increased this gambling sports grandiose and publicity and made it come from home and bar brawls to be treated as professional sports. While Poker has many variations, the most famous of them is Texas Holdem, easy to learn and very difficult to master. Many computer games and simulations are available for Texas Holdem Poker, but I review one of the better ones around titled Texas Holdem Poker 3D Deluxe Edition. It’s Showdown Time!

Texas Hold'em Poker 3D-Gold Edition 2008 is a feature-packed poker simulation game which is suitable for both novice and advanced users. The game offers a wide range of features and options, including an exciting and fun Single Player mode, a huge Internet community, a customizable and powerful Artificial Intelligence engine based on neural. Texas holdem poker 3d - gold edition 20 1.0. Texas Hold'em Poker 3D-Gold Edition.

The game begins with a nice background music (all electronic) and a background image of a casino room with poker tables and slots. The Menu is simple and without any clutter. Moving on to the game, the actual presentation of the game is enticing. It resembles an actual Poker table, albeit without players being visible. The voices, the chip exchange, the card flow, everything is fluidly presented and you will definitely love the 3D of poker. Actually looking at the graphic details wont much matter because of the actual nature of the game, but still the level of detail went in to Poker chips (you can see clearly the numbers) to the Cards to the Poker table is very good. The Cards too have the 3D effect as you can see the bent in them.

Well nothing beats the actual Poker table, but this one comes close to actually simulating the real poker environment but without players being visible. A 3D model of the players would have been welcomed but still this one is better than most of the other 2D over the top view of Poker and a treat to eye while playing. On features, this game is rich. It offeres both Tournament and Single Player gameplay with pleothra of options to suit the needs.

Texas Holdem Poker 3D-Gold EditionVegas Texas Holdem Poker Online

Single player you can choose number of players (8 maximum), AI difficulty, Starting Money, Blinds, Limits, Poker currency, Game Speed and many more to suit your style of play. The Tournament can be played with a maximum of whopping 160 players, enough practice for WSOP I guess. You can also change the graphics, from back of Cards to Poker tables etc. The information on cards and betting rounds like who has done who is displayed well with floating bards above the cards, so playing the game at high speed is not a problem. After showdown you can move your mouse pointer over the floating bars to actually see the nice animation on how do they won it with the cards floating on the table to show the best 5 card formed.

Overall this game is very easy to use and get comfortable with no learning curves. Now for many first timers who don’t understand the rules of poker, the tutorial in Extras section is more than enough to make you comfortable with all the basic rules to play the game. The animated way of teaching is perfect for new comers of Poker who are scared with those large scale tactical and strategy books available in the market. So unless you are really dumb in understanding English, the tutorial section will teach you the basic rules of Poker all right.

There is also Help section which is basically text down version of the animated version, but with a Search Bar which again serves those inquisitive minds who want to understand what terms like Ante or Small Blind is. No advanced Poker strategies or tactics are discussed here though, which I think is all right since the market is basically flooded with advanced poker tactics books and since the entire help and tutorial section is targeted to new comers anyways. The game also incorporates Save system so no worries if you cant handle the long hours of the tournament, just save and return back whenever you want to! A high score table is also maintained which is perfect to boast around with friends or check the net play. The actual gameplay of the poker is smooth.

You have all the basic three buttons and the plus or minus button to raise or minimise the amount in the pot. There is no uncomfort in actually playing the game, although the first card of flop is slightly blocked due to chip stack. But overall the gameplay is smooth and simple and nothing groundbreaking in the traditional virtual poker way of playing. Yea the definitive switch from 2D to 3D is noticable with cards bent over like in real life poker, but the switch is easy and delighting for the online 2D poker veterans. The internet play is also very good, with the room system to join and create rooms. Although in the official server not much players were online (just roughly 300 last time i played) but it’s more than enough to garner those moments of net play. Since actual money is not involved, the online play is great way to show or further improve and practice your skills of poker with necessary risks.

However a high bandwidth is required to play the game at true 3D effects as the game sometimes hanged while online. The Sound of the game actually suits the mood of Poker.

It has six tracks ranging from brass to Voices but all electro and techno,but still perfectly fitting the ambient. Sure you can turn off the volume and play your favourite song, but as far as getting on with long hours of Poker is concerned, nothing beats the music of this game. The other sounds like of Chip exchange are decent.The in game voices of the players are good but they all repeat the same with “Oh Well” “Crap” “Ingenious” etc. They have variety but after long you will be bored. Also the voice of males are not much different, with only two or three variation. But than such large scale variations are hardly much needed in this game of just 120 mb whose main job is to serve Poker which it so rightfully does.

I have saved the best for the last, many Poker games and simulations out on the marker lack one thing:- THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. In Most of the poker games, call or bet something, everyone folds.It’s as if the programming is so horribly wrong with them. Windows Media Player For Vista. Come Poker 3D, it rocks. The AI simply ROCKS! I am taking a courage to say this game comes really close to the ACTUAL POKER played in the casinos and with professional difficulty that line better be removed. You will be hard pressed to find faults with this game AI or Poker Engine I guess.

Each player has a unique personality and Poker strategy. And they implement it fully. Someone is bluffing, someone is check raising, someone going aggressive, someone defensive folding every hand till he gets a good one. And why I marvel so much at the AI is that they actually CHANGE their style of play based on the game and somewhat I think your style of play. That means they adapt to your style and likewise try their best to eliminate or get the most chips out of you. For example I was playing very defensive and only calling to very good hands. A certain player or Poker AI I would call was also playing on a defensive note in the starting.

Only three players were left and the game was going on. After 6 hands I guess in which I folded the last four, that player suddenly went All In BEFORE THE FLOP. Now how lucky of me that I had pair of Aces and I wanted a bit of action anyways, I called and boy what he had cards! A 2 and 9 off suit! The flop, turn and river favored none, so actually it was a naked bluff! Rarely I have seen some Poker AI do that.

Generally Poker AI in many of the simulation just fold whenever large scale bets are made making the actual game laughable. But here winning is tough! The difficulty, with professional being the toughest, is perfect to challenge any poker veteran. Although the rookie difficulty I think is bit too easy considering luck favours you much in that. But normal is perfect and professional is for Pros! Although sometimes slight hiccups too happen in the deal as in one moment everyone has a King High Straight in the flop, turn, river (no kidding see the screenshot). Concluding, the game it simply rocks.