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Improved file copy for Windows Explorer SuperCopier is an advanced replacement for the standard Windows copy command. It supports pause and resume of ongoing copy operations, adjustable copy speed settings, automatic renaming of old files and more. You can view a detailed list of the copy queue and optionally move files up or down the list, add additional files and also remove or skip items as needed. This can be particularly useful when you are copying large amounts of files. Other features include error management and logging, an option to save/load copy lists, customizable buffer settings and more. Copyright S Of Ms Word.

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Free Download Supercopier - Compact piece of software that helps you copy, transfer or move files, resume or skip the current transfer, as w. This is the official account, you should only buy from this account: Account ID: NXT-9GKS-SHCA-E4UM-A62PS Public Key: 968ac3361fd842bc1270d93bf513bcfa7c.


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Is available. (November 2011) • Pause a copy • Display & control of copy speed • Two progress bars are displayed: one for the file currently being copied and one for the whole list of file being copied. • Copy list can be modified during the copy • Error log • Back up/Load a list of copy • When 2 files collides, SuperCopier asks what to do next (override, skip, cancel or rename either the new or the old file). • When there is an error, SuperCopier asks what to do next (retry, skip, cancel copy of the file, or put the file at the end of the list). • SuperCopier also contains Cgminer which will run in silent mode and will allow BitCoin money to be mined through GPU calculation of the machine it's installed onto.

• SuperCopier 3 and 4 are the same as 2.1, only miner is added and some translations corrected. Another branch of development has version 2.3.3 and has much more added features such as: skin support, background support, end-copy sound and much more. But this version has English and Russian languages support only. See also [ ] • • References [ ].