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Hello Microsoft, I have the same complaint. I DO NOT like the new version of Skype at all, and not happy with it. Therefore I do not use it any more. Now there nothing can be adjusted any more. It's now the absolute basic version with no adjustments at all. While all other messengers of this time are developing much more then ever. So there is no reason left to use this pathetic Skype any more.

Therefore my question is: is it possible to use the old version of Skype in Windows 10, with all adjustment options as we had in Windows 7 and older? Php Reports Maker. ? I hope you can tell a way to use the old version in Windows 10. Otherwise its done with this pathetic Skype messenger. Hello Rommell_C, You say you ' highly suggest our users to keep their skype versions up to date.' Wel I am a Skype User and I highly recommend that you are less patronising and answer the question. YOU may provide the software. But it is US, the USERS, that are its lifeblood and I would respectfully ask How can I go back to the previous version, please?

We are well aware that Microsoft WANT us to use the latest version, but unless you come up with concrete reasons WHY we should use the latest version and what consequences may ensue and at what probability, if we don't, AND ALLOW us TO MAKE our OWN informed decisions, THEN get off your high horse and answer the question, in public, so that all 103 of us can see the answer, please, Regards, Robin. I'm still running version 7 of skype that has all the features I want, not what's forced upon me. Microsoft are NOT listening and don't care.

Why remove options to customise? Makes no sense. The biggest issue i have is not being able to alter the Hz setting of video playback. If you have a light on in your room running at 60hz and your camera is set to 60hz, you will get interference, end of. By setting the video to 50hz, cures the problem.

Microsofts answer? Remove the option. Gif Viewer here. This is why i'll never upgrade to the new version until all available custom preferences are put back into the code base. Not all camera manufacturers software is good, mine is rubbish so I rely on this option to make my camera work properly. I do not need Skype to take it away, especially as it was there to start with. Sort yourselves out Microsoft, you're becoming like Apple.