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Shadow is the protagonist and the main character of Shadow Fight 2. He is the character that the players control throughout the game. Shadow is a legendary warrior driven by his arrogance to seek a worthy opponent matching his skills. =====­=====READ DESCRIPTION=====­===== A new montage is here. This video was supposed to released when I had reached 10K subs, but I was busy with exams &. Jul 11, 2017  40 million players on Facebook are certainly not a few, and they are the figure of Shadow Fight's success, a matchmaking match for social platforms and now.

Adobe Premiere. 40 million on Facebook are certainly not a few, and they are the figure of Shadow Fight's success, a matchmaking match for social platforms and now arriving with a sequel on iOS and Android devices in the freemium format. Shadow Fight 2 can therefore be downloaded free of charge, but with in-app purchases to counteract: the precious currency is alongside the virtual one not only to free up our energy bar (the one that decreases every game and reloaded with Time), but also and above all to allow us to buy new arms and armor more, or to upgrade those in our possession. Developers have decided to focus heavily on the objects with which we can match our shadow warrior, a formidable fighter who has moved away from the road of wisdom and lost his life stupidly, and is now struggling to fight against a bunch of opponents always Stronger to recover what has been removed.

There are many weapons available on Shadow Fight 2, each carrying a repertoire of different moves, must in fact determine the ability to inflict damage, while the armor and armor give the dark more resistance to the blows. Rather than simply raising the level, which also implies the learning of unpublished techniques, are in fact the objects that enable us to deal with a particular enemy or not, in view of a very rich structure of situations and even with some variation On the subject (the duel, where the equipment is random, or the survival mode), although the weight of the freemium feels relatively fast, already during the first chapter, forcing the grinding usually who does not intend to spend money real. Shadow Fight 2 is an engaging puzzle game, with stunning animations and lots of objects to unlock Beyond the perplexities of balancing the difficulty, it takes just a few minutes to get in touch with Shadow Fight 2 and appreciate the many benefits of the Russian title. The amount of animations available to each single character is incredible, especially if we consider the fact that we handle different weapons by changing the repertoire of moves by going to define a set of unique approaches to combat.

Open Mtd File on this page. Punching with bare hands, as it happens in the early stages, implies a reduced range and effectiveness, where instead using sticks, for example, substantially increases the scope of the attacks and the damage they inflict. In the advanced stages, these instruments are also accompanied by launching weapons and special moves of 'energetic' type, to close the circle of a production where it seems that nothing has been left to the case.

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