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The various components are: Writer (a word processor, equivalent to Microsoft Word), Calc (a spreadsheet program, equivalent to Microsoft Excel), Impress (a presentation package, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint), Base (a database program, equivalent to Microsoft Access), Draw (a vector graphics editor, similar to the drawing functions within Microsoft Office) and Math (a mathematical equation platform, similar to Microsoft Equation Editor). • Can OpenOffice open Microsoft Word and Excel documents?

New_pc_studio. Open office 2017 free download - Microsoft Open XML Converter, Office Open XML Cruncher, Apache OpenOffice, and many more programs. Currently, the most recent version of LibreOffice is LibreOffice 5.0, a major update released in early August 2015. Heck, LibreOffice announced a new 5.0.1 update yesterday. The most recent version of Apache OpenOffice is 4.1.1, a minor update released on August 21, 2014.

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Donload Firefox on this page. How do I upgrade on Windows? If you would like to install the latest version of, and you already have a previous version installed. The Update Service for AOO/OOo is a service which provides via HTTP or HTTPS an Update Feed (or an Update Document) for installed AOO/OOo instances. This allows a requesting AOO/OOo instance to check if a new AOO version is available and to provide the result of this check to the user. Apache OpenOffice is an open source office suite, which has been designed to function as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It contains various components, has its own file formats and is able to read and save other file formats, including those associated with several Microsoft Office applications.

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