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Double Deck Pinochle This page has been put together from various sources, including information collected by John Hay, and contributions from Toby Thomas and Jim Davis. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Players and Cards There are four players; partners sit across from each other. The deck consists of 80 cards, containing A 10 K Q J in each of the four suits, and with four identical copies of each card. This deck can be formed by mixing together two normal Pinochle decks, having thrown out the nines, or from four regular 52 card decks from which you throw out all the numerals 2 to 9. Idea of the Game After the deal there is an auction in which players bid the number of points their team will try to win.

Ok Pinochle

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Whoever bids highest has the privilege of choosing trumps and leading to the first trick. The object of the high bidder's team is to win at least as many points as the amount they bid. Points can be scored in two ways: • by declaring and showing (melding) combinations of cards held in a players hand; • by winning aces, tens and kings in tricks The game is won by the first partnership to achieve a score of 500 or more. If both sides reach 500 on the same hand, the bidding side wins. Deal Deal and play are clockwise.

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A game of cards for two to four persons, played with a special deck of 48 cards, with points being scored by taking tricks and forming certain combinations.

All the cards are dealt to the players, so that everyone has 20. Dealing practice varies; common methods are 4 cards at a time, 5 cards at a time, or 2 cards to each player, and the remainder 3 at a time. Rank and Value of Cards In each suit the cards rank, from highest to lowest, Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack.

At the end of the play, each side counts the points they have taken in tricks. Each Ace, Ten and King is worth one point, and the team who win the last trick get an extra 2 points.

Hence there are a total of 50 points available for tricks. Meld Points can be scored for certain combinations of cards in hand of one player.

These combinations are called meld; they are displayed to the other players before the start of the trick play. Any meld can be single (just one of each card), double (two identical copies of each card), triple (three of each card) or quadruple (all four of each card). There are three types of meld. Any particular card can only belong to one meld of each type. The point scores for meld are given in the following table: Type Combination Single Double Triple Quadruple Type I Runs and Marriages Run - Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack of trumps 15 150 225 300 Royal Marriage - King and Queen of trumps 4 8 12 16 Marriage - Kings and Queen of the same suit, not trumps 2 4 6 8 Note: A run in a suit other than trumps is not worth anything more than the marriage score for the king and queen.

Latest Version Of Itunes For Windows. Type II - Pinochles Pinochle - Jack of diamonds & Queen of spades 4 30 60 90 Type III Arounds Aces around - An Ace in each suit 10 100 150 200 Kings around - A King in each suit 8 80 120 160 Queens around - A Queen in each suit 6 60 90 120 Jacks around - A Jack in each suit 4 40 60 80 Note: A set of tens is not worth anything in meld. Example: with hearts as trump, the following hand: A 10 K K K Q Q J Q Q J Q Q A K K Q Q J J scores 87 for meld: a run (15), a royal marriage (4), a double marriage in spades (4), a pinochle (4) and double queens around (60). There is only one royal marriage as one king and one queen of hearts are already used for the run, and the remaining queen can only marry one of the remaining kings. Notice, however, that one of the queens of spades is simultaneously used in the spade marriage, the pinochle and the around - this is allowed because these melds are all of different types.