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I expect Firefox automatically restores itself on startup. You could try using the -tray option to firefox: start ' 'Path to firefox' -tray EDIT: the generic Mozilla option '-tray' does not seem to be supported for Firefox. However, the /min option to 'start' does work (for me!) on Windows 10 as long as there is no other instance of Firefox already running. If another instance is running its window will restore itself in the foreground when you run another start command even if you use /min.

If you want to start a second or subsequent instance minimized use Firefox's -new-window option: start /min ' 'Path to firefox' -new-window. @SometimesRight the number of steps doesn't matter much as long as it does what is needed and the fact that something is usual doesn't make it simple. Everything depends only if you have a will to do something even knowing how much you need to do in order to move further:) If it worked for me then I wouldn't be asking this question and we wouldn't be able to chat a little bit:) Thank you for your help:) Besides when I was searching I found a way how to compile a program into exe file in cmd without use of any additional program – Jan 30 '16 at 15:46.

A remake of the MinimizeToTray-extension made to fit the Windows 7 taskbar. Instead of minimize the window to the tray it minimize it to the taskbar. Support Forum; Firefox; How do I minimize a Firefox. Start Firefox in. I now have the familiar symbols which enable me to Minimize, Maximize, and Close the. Just upgraded to 40.0 and the minimize, maximize and close buttons are now gone while maximized. When not maximized, I can see the icons but can't click them. When not maximized, I can see the icons but can't click them. Many users reported that minimize, maximize and close buttons disappeared on their Windows. Firefox Downloa here. Minimize, maximize buttons missing Firefox. Click “Start Scan.

Sorry completely forgot to post the link! Here it is: A little bit about it: MinimizeToTray provides quick access to many of Firefox and Thunderbird's most used features. For Firefox, easily view your Downloads or open a new browser window. Updated Ms Paint. For Thunderbird, compose new messages and view your Address Book while keeping it minimized all day to check for new mail. MinimizeToTray always allows you to send Firefox or Thunderbird to the tray by right-mouse clicking on the minimize button, or by choosing 'File =>Minimize to Tray' from the menu, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M from the keyboard. With the extension options, you can force the application to always minimize to the tray instead of the taskbar by selecting the checkbox inside the extension's options, restore using a single or double click, or minimize the application on close.

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Minimize On Start And Close Firefox