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'Minecraft' is one of the biggest games out in the market today, despite it being a little older than most of the games currently in the market. It has one of the biggest followings both in children and in adults, and it is no question because 'Minecraft' is a simple yet intricate game to play. Recently, it was announced that the 1.9 update for 'Minecraft' was available and numerous fans were extremely happy about the news, but now news has just come in and this will make the fans of 'Minecraft' even happier.

Minecraft 1.10 Update

According to the tweet of Jens Bergensten, one of 'Minecraft's' lead developers it seems like they are already working on the 1.10 update. One fan was quick enough to throw in a question to Jens Bergensten asking what update and Bergensten answered that they are working on a new Mob for 'Minecraft.'

Ps3 Minecraft 1.10 Update

New mobs are very exciting for 'Minecraft' players since they don't get updated too often. Mobs in 'Minecraft' generally apply to all the creatures found within the world of the game. As of now, there are over 40 different mobs on 'Minecraft' and all of them have different purposes and value. Mobs in 'Minecraft' include Creepers and Skeletons, which is like the villain in the 'Minecraft' world; they are the ones that harm the players. Other mobs are animals including chicken and cows, and they are the ones that litter in the world of 'Minecraft'.

Minecraft 1.10 Update

Are you feeling a bit left because of our recent and, console kids? There's no need to be sad. Christmas is just around the corner. And (if you've been well-behaved) Santa might bring you a tangerine or something. We've just released a big update for all console editions of Minecraft!1!

This one features a wide range of Minecraft goodness from new mobs to fresh status effects. We've also revamped The End - take a visit to that mysterious place after updating and you might find End Cities, End Ships and a complete gamechanger known as Elytra - which will give you a whole new perspective on your world. Google Chrome Latest Version.

Www All Games Com. Fans have been rejocing after the release of the 1.9 update in 'Minecraft' but already game developers are working on the next big update.