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Microsoft Word is the most used application around the world, seemingly because it is easy to use and one of the most popular programs in Microsoft Office. The interface of this program is very accessible and simple. I also like the new features of this software, it can import PDF files. It also does a remarkable job of converting a PDF file into a Word document. As a professional like me, Microsoft Word is very suitable for typing and saving important documents. It auto corrects my flaws and it saves me so much time.

Is there a link where I can download a free trail version of microsoft office for students? Every link I follow seems to want a credit card number. Is there not a site that use to let you down load. Microsoft Word 2013. Click here to begin your 30 Day Trial. Word 2013 is Microsoft's latest word processor. Read all reviews; Review. Find related downloads to Microsoft Office Trial 2015 freeware and softwares, download Microsoft Word Viewer, Office Compatibility Pack, Microsoft Excel Viewer, ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall, Mi. How To Get Microsoft Office Word For Free l No Trial VStheman. Link- Hindi Microsoft Word pt 1 (Enter, Edit.

This program is way better than the old version. You will get a little uncomfortable first because of its new layout, but if you get used to it, it is a user friendly software. For me, Microsoft Word is the most flexible and powerful word processor ever created. This program is still the most essentially used tool for anyone who writes and it is one of the few applications that for all its slight mistakes, earns to be called a work of brilliance. The Microsoft productivity suite is a must-have in every computer, especially when we talk about Microsoft Word. I've have always used Word instead of other programs such as Open Office, even though Microsoft Office is much more expensive, because the features that it offers are many more.

You can integrate lots of useful plugins to make your software more productive. In addition, it has Cloud integration, so you can save your documents online and avoid losing it if your computer fails. This 2013 version brings lots of new features apart from the Cloud services integration. Now, you can use predefined templates instead of a black page.

However, the most outstanding new feature is that now, you can open and edit PDF files. Nevertheless, not everything is advantages. Several shortcuts have been removed, forcing users to use the toolbar. This has annoyed users too much, and lots of them have preferred staying with the 2010 version, which have all the shortcuts.

In my opinion, Cloud services are not enough to make users forget about the shortcuts, and the speed with which you can do your works is more important than saving them on the cloud. • home use, mainly for applications, subscriptions, etc. Right now I need it to be able to see the result to some medical tests my son has had. • i need this program for work for editing mu cv or sending some documents main thing is for work purpuses only and nothing else thank you soo • working makeing curriculum vitae for to found a some job like a waiters or installing windows and doors.Anyway for to create important documen • Im going to use this program for some work from home, correspondences, letter, reporting template, minutes of meeting, budgeting calculation • letters documents invoices and general day to day correspondence for a small business.

Microsoft word is the best wordprocessing package and. Kingsoft Presentations more. • i guess i have nt used so much programs like that trying microsoft for the first time. And now want these for my job badly so using it thankyou • microsoft powerpoint presentation,microsoft excell and one note.However am they are not working properly so I would realy appreciate your assistance to also down load the mention applications. • open office, wordstar, works not sure what is needed here? Maybe go to anot5her site to down load do not like typing in a lot of words to des • microsoft word 2013 and 2007 i have used some time we get into the difficult situation and thinking of no way out we seek safety in lying but • i am a student and my work is thesis complete in this session so i ful fill requirement of this software kindly issue the microsoft word can be issued.thank you. • this software easy to use and very simple operation suitable for everyday office work, but it's also very useful in addition it also presents many new details of additional utilities la.Tich each • I need to use this Microsoft word 2013 on my computer class. I think it is a good program to learn and understand how it works.

I am learning. • word is versitile and allows me to do lots of differnt things such as create caldenders posters and official documents for my college course • User friendly and I am able to complete homework assignment. I also love the label making feature and the ability to create self addressed envelopes • Reading Articles from my documents always it is fun especially when am doing my research in the my projects because they bring out thing clearly. Review Microsoft Word 2013 is maybe one of the most worldwide used text processors. This edition has come with enhanced features to still being considered by users the top Office tool. The improved Ribbon design and the touch-friendly interface makes this software have an intuitive interface.