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I am trying to help someone who has a Samsung i730 phone using Verizon as their provider. They have a 3rd party digital certificate on the Small Business Server 2003, and sync'ing the calendar hasn't been a problem until recently. Cavaj here. How To Newest Version Of Itunes. Now, it gets the error mentioned above when it gets to the very last part of the calendar sync.

That ‘sync’ing feeling – Introducing Zoho CalSync for Android. If we do remove activesync, will our contacts and emails still function as before? Hello all, Since we upgraded to SM14 we have seen an issue on our ActiveSync accounts when being used with Outlook 2013. In essence, they d.

Ing Activesync
Ing Activesync

I see that it could be a problem with an appointment having over 16k characted in the attendee list or possibly a calendar entry with 'a large number of exceptions'(not sure what that means) according to: He has over 7MB of system memory available(out of a possible 20MB), with no add on card right now. Any idea what I can do to resolve this?