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Run your Registry Cleaner if you know what that is. CCleaner is a very good one at and it is used by a lot of people who know very little about Windows. I download from rather than filehippo because sites like filehippo sometimes add some adware to pay their bills.

The first thing I would do is uninstall the program using CCleaner's uninstall option or the Windows equivalent. They are the same thing for most programs. Once the program in removed, you can run the registry checker, back up your registry and then remove the errors. With a clean registry you may reinstall the program. If you still have trouble, contact the program supplier.

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Posted on Oct 03, 2012. Search Results Ilivid Download Manager 1.84 free download. Get new version of Ilivid Download Manager. Rapidshare downloading just got better than ever? Download now. Download Ilivid Download Manager

Tool for quick and easy downloading of video files. Feb 17, 2014 - Uploaded by tutorials and gameplay sorry if this video is bad it is my first one.

Anyways I am going to show how to download movies using ilivid. The ultimate downloader for Megaupload FileServe Hotfile and more br.

>Windows >Downloads >Video 7/10 (1779 votes) - Download iLivid Free. ILivid is a program for the download of videos from sites such as YouTube or Dailymotion to be able to watch. Download sites of the likes of RapidShare, Hotfile or FileServe, the latter provides us with download by means of the P2P protocol, not only of videos, movies and series. Dec 01, 2017 . Hello i hope u 'll be fine.

Thanks for using fixya. Try this solution to download any youtube video easily, The video which u want to download open it from youtube. On the right side there 'll be a URL of this video. Copy the URL of it. Now open When u 'll open. Just paste the URL in the required URL in front of the page. Now click on search, It 'll provide u the download link of your desired video.

You can download high quality of this video and also normal quality because it provide u the link of both. Just click of any one. Downloading 'll start. Just download your desired Youtube video and Enjoy I hope this solution will helpful 4 u. Best of luck Please keep thumbs up in do rating Go to the below link and you can confirm by my same other solution, that the above procedure works by seeing the asker Rating THANKS & Keep using fixya Apr 02, 2010 . Paint Windows 10.

Install latest version of Real Player. After install, open the player and goto Tools ->Preferences. A Settings Windows will open. Click on 'Download & Recording' option. Enable the option 'Web Download & Recording'. You can also set the quality of the videos to be downloaded by clicking on the 'Advanced Settings' button.

Save the settings and close the player. Avg Windows 10. Whenever you will open any YouTube video in the browser, a small 'Real Player' toolbar / pop-up will emerge on the top-right corner of that video.

You can click on that pop-up to download any Flash (.flv) videos. These downloaded videos are by default saved in location: 'C: Users *Username* Videos RealPlayer Downloads' (in Vista). 'C: Document and Settings *Username* Videos RealPlayer Downloads' (in XP). Tell me if it!:) Sep 30, 2009 .

ILivid is a comprehensive video download manager, which enables you to download video files from both links and torrents. It is completely free of any charges. However if you get a premium account you will receive even more options. ILivid offers a long list of websites, from where you can download video files.

You should definitely give it a try. Features • Download video files • Supports both links and torrents • Pause feature • Play video while downloading it As we have mentioned, iLivid supports torrents, which can be added via its Plus button. Another way of downloading videos is by using links. Once the process has started you can pause it at any time you want especially, when you need the full potential of your Internet connection. ILivid uses VLC Player in order the play the downloaded video content. Interface The interface of iLivid is rather simple and functional than appealing. Thus even less experienced users can handle it hassle-free.

In order to make it even more user-friendly, the developers have globalized it in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and of course English. Once you launch the application, you will notice some guidelines, which will remind you how the magic happens in case you have forgotten. Unfortunately, you are not able to customize the outfit of the app, which can be considered as a downside by some users. Basic Operations So let's talk about the “magic” itself. How does it happen? Basically, you need to paste a regular link or a torrent magnet link within the link section and click on the Download button.

In addition, you can paste a link form a streaming videos and watch them via VLC Player without saving them. All available features work just fine. However we were really amazed by the speed, with which iLivid downloaded files. While you download files you can play them as well.

There aren't that many download managers, which can boast of having such a feature. Conclusion iLivid is just a great video download manager in each single aspect it has. It offers you something that other solutions do not, namely play videos while you are downloading them. All features seems to work properly, so please do not waste any more time, but download iLivid right away and enjoy your favorite videos freely.