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However, the aging service isn’t going to be completely shut down; you’ll be able to use third-party apps for Google Talk after the app is killed off. Hangouts has been a pain to use for messages since it was released, thanks to a confusing interface and the lack of proper contact availability statuses. The Chrome extension is slow to respond and crashes often, and I’m tired of waiting for Google to fix it. Even Chrome has had enough of Hangouts' bullshit. — Abhimanyu Ghoshal (@aghoshal) I recently revisited some third-party apps that have been around for ages to replace Hangouts, since I don’t want to deal with a fiddly extension or keep my personal inbox open through the day.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, I’d highly recommend making the switch. Unfortunately, apps like and that once showed promise have fallen by the wayside in the past couple of years, so there’s not a whole lot left to choose from on Windows. After testing the latest versions of a few such apps, I’ve settled on as my daily driver for instant messaging. It supports multiple chat networks including Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live and XMPP, features a clean interface and offers numerous options for customizing your experience. It can also check for new email in your inbox and bring you updates from Twitter and LinkedIn. For a lighter option, take for a spin. It looks pretty old-school but gets the job done without hogging valuable system memory.

Download Google Talk for Windows. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2018. But things are changing on February 23rd 2015 as Google will be officially retiring the Google Talk app. Of best Google Talk alternatives for Windows. Have voice and video. Talk face to face from your computer. Make free video calls with up to 10 people. Connect from any device. ©2018 Google. Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls, and many calling features like transcripts, call blocking, call screening, conference calling, SMS, and more.

Hangouts has a long way to go before it can be taken seriously as a messaging service on desktops, and it’s not clear why the company isn’t working quickly to completely own this space. With mobile-first competitors like, Google has no time to lose in building out its platform. Countdown Clocks.

I just did the download and it appears to be working. My list of contacts appeared. I want to call one of my friends but have never done anything like this on the computer. Do my friends also need Google Talk on their computers for this to work?

I'm guessing since they are not on the computer all day and use it when they get home, I need to send them an email setting up a time when I'm going to attempt the call. I know I'm not a technical person but I saw someone else calling someone on the computer and I thought I would look and see how to go about it.

It would save a lot on phone calls. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. I just updated my Droid Phone to 4.4.2. My understanding that this SW is called Kitkat. It does not support Google Talk. Everyone appeared off line and when I signed off I could not sign back in again. I recently retired and used this to connect to the companies chat program.

My laptop still worked. The replacement is to use Google Hangouts.

It does not support XMPP protocol. This is the protocol that allows one chat program to communicate with another. Baidu S. The individual from HTC recomended Xabber. I installed the App from the Google Play Store and put in my email account and I am back in business just like Google Talk.

Default setting is show only on line. Not sure why I want to see people off line but I do. I changed the settings contact to show off line and I see all my contacts. Seems to be a great replacement. Robin Gadoury 13/5/2014, 7:50 น. So Google Chat will suddenly stop working in a couple of months from now (Nov, 2014). This is yet another arrogant 'product strategy' by Google.