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EMule is one of the world’s largest and most trusted P2P file-sharing clients, allowing you to quickly find any type of file (audio, video, text, etc.), including some extremely rare content. EMule connects to both the and the networks, which results in a higher transfer speed and faster distribution of popular files. With a vast network of servers and clients (like you) uploading and downloading files all over the world respectively, eMule reduces recovery times for corrupted downloads. Additionally, a rewards you for frequent uploads, cutting down wait time where you are owed credit. And eMule helps you save bandwidth by transmitting data in form. EMule at a Glance eMule is easy to install with its quick start wizard; however, it may intimidate beginners when it asks for some networking information upfront, which you can either enter or bypass. Upon launch, eMule displays the Server tab with a list of servers to connect to, where finding content is as easy as typing the filename, and adding search conditions.

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You can chat with friends across the globe using eMule’s built in client. And the Share Files tab lets you keep track of your shares, including requests, accepted uploads, and transferred files. Product Details Here is a detailed breakdown of eMule’s features: • Kad network support—eMule supports the Kad network using the protocol, which acts as a distributed system. Panda Cloud Office Protection on this page. • Queue and credit system—You get the files you want with rewards for your uploads to the network. • Intelligent corruption control—eMule checks files for corruption during downloads to confirm that they are error free, helping speed up the correction of corrupted chunks so that they do not need to be re-downloaded entirely.

• Simultaneous downloads with preview—You can start a series of downloads and preview videos while they are in progress. • Built in Web services/server—You can quickly access local, global, and Web-based servers ( and Filedonkey) across the Internet. • Advanced search—eMule provides searches, adding flexibility to your inquiries. • Messaging system—You can chat with friends across the globe using eMule’s built in IRC client. And a friend’ list lets you see when friends are online. Photoscape Gratis. Pros Cons With eMule it’s easy to share a wide selection of file types and download some some extremely rare files, while it filters corrupt Web files.

EMule doesn’t automatically configure firewalls. At times, downloads may slow but configuring the upload/download speed helps. Quick Specs • Version:.50a • File size: 3.23MB • Date added: July 7, 2010 • Operating systems: Windows.

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