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My cousin got me into this game, she is really into it and really wanted me to play it and thought I'd like it. I wasn't for sure about playing it at first, it looked interesting when I saw my cousin play it but I wasn't really in the mood to download it.

When I downloaded it, I'm already really enjoying it. It's one of those games where you're in a world with a bunch of other players who you can chat and befriend and you get to fight enemies like Wizard101 but it throws some creativity in there, it has a story for all the characters and you can create some guilds. The game gives you freedom to do what you want and is free to play. You can use money to buy things like costumes or something, but you can't buy to enter different dungeons or whatever. The only problem I have with the animation is you can go through people if you are on them as if you were a ghost, which is typical cartoon animation. But other than that, the animation and character design is great.


Though, you're going to have to download it from the website, if you try to download it from other websites like the Elsword client site, chances are, you're gonna get a game that's a waste of time. There's not much things to do on it, there's lots of errors I had with it, its dialogue is shallow, not very many people play on it, and the game itself is boring. I didn't know of a way to turn the sound on, though. It's like a shadow of its former self. The writing is smart and logical, the characters are likable. The only thing I don't like about it is Aisha because I don't like tsunderes.


Computer Game S Full on this page. If you enjoyed Wizard101, I'm sure you'll enjoy Elsword.

Elsword is a free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG featuring fast paced gameplay and stunning animation. Sign up at www.elswordonline.com.