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I recently purchased a office 365 prescription for my new pc I proceeded to as instructed and could not enter my key code after several attempts a prompt cam up on the screen. FAQ: Office 2019 is coming; here's what you need to know Microsoft has provided few details about the next non-subscription version of Office, coming next year.

I recently purchased a office 365 prescription for my new pc I proceeded to as instructed and could not enter my key code after several attempts a prompt cam up on the screen directing to call the support number. Your PC was already infected with malware, prior to any purchase of MS Office. It wasn't MS you were speaking to, but whoever the malware directed you too. I am a CompTIA A+ Technician and I (respectfully) disagree with the assumption that the PC, 'may have already been infected with Malware' based upon first-hand knowledge of two Installations of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013. I (personally) removed all traces of Malware and/or Viruses within one-day of their Microsoft Office 2013 Installation attempts. Both attempts indicated that, 'Your Installation was unsuccessful' and the Installer (subsequently) received Unsolicited Calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft Support.

These people then accessed their Computers and then try to Scam them into purchasing a Protection Package. After realizing the Scam, both Clients called me and I (immediately) re-examined their PC's for any Malware/Virus threats (I.e., there were none). In addition, both Microsoft Office Installation were (in fact) completed successfully! Conclusion: Somehow, these Scammers are being triggered by the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 Installation.

I am a CompTIA A+ Technician? What does that have to do with anything besides showing you have the lowest form of certification required to do the work. What the person said was correct that before they paid for the subscription they had a virus.

So many questions about what type of Anti virus removal software did you use?I'm guessing you used MS essentials and or some bad A/V like micro trend or Norton. Was the computer put into safe mode and checked. Did you check start up programs and was the browser completely cleaned of add-ons? This afternoon I tried to enter my new office passcode on a new apple computer. I used the search engine to take me to the right site and at the top of the google list was a site called office creator.

Without thinking I clicked on the site and the page looked legitimate asking me to enter email address, create a password, telphone number and the product key. Despite entering the correct code an error popped up. There was a live chat box and I explained the situation I was told a technician would phone in 2 minutes and about 20 minutes later I received a phone call from someone who said he would check my system and see where the problem was.

He told me there was a problem with the network and he would pass me on to the network technician. He used a system called team review to analyse what was wrong and said I had imported corrupted files through my icloud connection with my iphone, ipad and another computer. At this stage I started to get suspicious when he said I could take my computer back to te apple store to have it cleaned or take on a variety of support plans they offered. At this stage I halted my conversation and instantly got rid of any diagnostic software.

I am surprised that a scam to sell technical support (or blackmail) came at the top of a google search list and a company which seems to have a legitimate website with public contact information about their owner, location etc would attempt to do this. At the very least they were trying to pass themselves off as Microsoft support.

I just purchased a office 365 prescription for my new pc. D3d Gear more. As with previous people here I proceeded to as instructed and could not enter my key code after several attempts a prompt cam up on the screen directing to call the support number for Australia. After speaking with the Indian support specialist for some time he asked me for access. I was VERY wary of this however as I had come from the legit site and I had no files on my laptop I went ahead. He told me that my applications were corrupted and I needed to purchase a advanced tools and that he would get his senior technician to go through this with me. I immediately shut down my laptop and closed the conversation.

I then changed my laptop password. I tried again to download office and this time was successful. Hi Dan, I too have recently had almost the exact same issue. Tried loading office 365 and was directed to the 'enter key stage' where the download failed.

I called the helpline where an Indian man advised me of corrupt files on my brand new pc! He then asked me to log on with other devices to see if they were also corrupt. I stopped the call and removed anything that was downloaded during the call. After the call is looked at the details of the call and the website I was directed to. I then saw that the key enter stage was bogus and not a true Microsoft site.

How I was directed to this site I don't know but I have since downloaded the software as normal on another old laptop. I think the key point to note is at the key enter stage try to ensure as best as possible that it is a true Microsoft site before entering a key code. Enter the Web address exactly as it is shown on the software package regardless of what Google or any other search engine prompts you to do. I'm having my new pc checked for any possible corrupt software before I will go on to use it. Thank you Andy! I still receive calls from those pirates unfortunately I was a too late in recognizing the threat and they took my payment information and had stolen $200 from my account in seconds but was able to recover the funds with the help of my bank's fraud division.

Beware of future calls saying that you had already prepaid for the service but I always hang up on them and I too had to bring in a tech that cost me over $300 for them to remove the software that had been installed! Keep the thread going and hopefully this news will be useful to someone else! Same problem.

My mother purchase a apple computer and a subscription to Office 365. We entered the code and it gave us a support number to call. An indian gentlemen answered the phone and we went through the same process. This is a brand new computer and the number came from going through microsofts setup, so while I was wary it seemed legitimate.

Seeing this thread I informed my mother to return the computer and have put in a claim for fraudulent action. So this seems like a pretty big problem. Why has this not been addressed by Microsoft? It really is a bummer hearing about how so many people get scammed, but in reality it is no different than going in for service on your car. Any first time service request you should always be wary, especially if you did not solicit the service yourself. A great tool for removing many of the computer issues reported is available here. Its free, always has been for 30 days, then you need to pay if you wish to keep it on your system.

If you search some blogs you will find that this software is recommended all over, and that I am not some other hacker trying to get you to download my crooked software. And no I am not just saying that to get you to think it is safe. See the problem.

The internet is inherently risky. Know who you are dealing with and investigate the issue before committing to the first solution you come across. The OP got burned because he was too 'lazy, bizzy, pre-occupied, etc.' To do a little research. Music Downlaod Software.

Always get a call back number, never give out bank info, get a company name and look them up on the web site, this is a good start to validate legitimate companies, or read about scams. Ask to wire the funds to the company, some banks can pull funds back on the wire transfer. Most CC companies limit your liability to $50 for internet theft. Ask for a refund on the difference.

Microsoft last year announced that there will be a successor to Office 2016, the non-subscription version of the application suite, and that the upgrade would ship in about a year. The bundle, named 'Office 2019,' will be geared to customers, primarily corporate customers, 'who aren't yet ready for the cloud,' according to Microsoft. [ Related: ] But other than that description, Microsoft has been vague about the prospect of Office 2019 with a 'perpetual' license, one that lets the customer run the suite as long as desired without further payments. So, we collected some of the pressing questions business may have about the suite. What is a 'perpetual' Office? Microsoft categorizes software by how it is paid for, discriminating between a license that was bought outright from one that is essentially 'rented' because it's paid for over time, like a subscription.

Most of the time Microsoft uses the term 'one-time purchase' to label a software license that is paid for with a 'single, up-front cost to get Office applications for one computer.' The purchase gives the buyer the right to use Office in perpetuity. In other words, the license has no expiration date, and users may run the suite as long as they want.