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I have windows 7 currently running Firefox 19.0.(if it aint broke dont fix it) but i want to upgrade Firefox but not the newest version since i read the reviews. Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2018. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2018.

Which Firefox Version Is Best For Windows 7Best Firefox Version For Windows 7

All my computers until now have had Windows XP. Yesterday my work laptop bit the dust, so I bought a new one today. Dell 1440 - 4GB Ram, i3, Windows home premium 64 bit. Tomorrow I will start setting up the computer. Which version of Firefox should I use? I've been using version 3.6.20 - and I've been happy with it.

I seem to recall a while back that someone was having trouble with Firefox 5 - and it was suggested that FF5 is really meant to run with newer operating systems - and may not work so well with XP. So I left well enough alone. Now that I'll have Windows 7, which FF is best? Should I stick with 3.6.20 - or get something newer.

(By the way, I hated FF4 - messed up my toolbars - and one of my favorite addons - smart bookmarks - was not compatible with FF4. Don't think it works with FF5 either - and there doesn't seem to be a good equivalent addon.) Thanks. The current version of any application should be used whenever possible. FF v6.0 was released a couple of days ago. The only problem a user might have is add-on compatability. There is always some lag time and some never upgrade themselves.

Since all your preferences, add-ons, and bookmarks are kept in a folder other than the application folder it is safe to install v6.0 for personal testing. If you do not like the upgrade or find too many of your add-ons ar not compatible you can just delete it and revert back to a prior version with a new install. I did it when v5.0 was released as I reverted to v4.1 without a concern. Thanks everyone. So this will be a new laptop.

I'm not upgrading - I'm installing a fresh version of Firefox - so I don't think I have any preferences,add-ons,bookmarks stored. I have Xmarks - and can sync my bookmarks - but I assume I'll be doing the addons and preferences from scratch. Firefox keeps updating version 3 - and I keep getting those updates. Real Player For Windows 7 64 Bit. Other than new features - which I may or may not like, is there a security reason to go with 6 or 5 - rather than the latest version of firefox 3? Any features in version 5 or 6 that people have liked?

Found to be an improvement? Firefox 7.0 Beta 1 was released today. This is really high speed. Lynn, Click on the link below.

On the right you will see the newest release along with older versions. Select any full version that interests you. Avoid the betas unless it is just for learning. After you have selected a full version select the Change Log. It will supply you with pertinent information.

I am using 4.0.1 as I saw no improvement with v5.0 and several of my add-ons wouldn't work. I am thinking about giving v6.0 a try though as it is just busy work to change between versions. DA Here is a link that might be useful. Damcoy - thanks for that link. AFter reading comments about the various versions, it seemed I'd be happy sticking with 3.6.20.

I know I didn't like 4. Six is too new. And you didn't love 5. I'll keep my eyes out for new reactions to the various versions, but 3.6.20 is working great for me. Especially on a new Windows 7 pc.

I am loving windows 7 - some incredibly useful features (like mousing over shrunk windows to bring it up in full screen - but disappears one mouse is moved - boy is that handy for me). So the combo works for me.