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Application Enhancer ( APE) is a program released by for. Application Enhancer provides a that allows third-party to write ' for Mac OS X. It also provides a to load haxies when certain applications are launched. These haxies, or plugins, are known as application enhancer modules, or APEs. Once the APE is loaded by the daemon, the module modifies the behavior of an existing application. Examples include allowing the behavior, or adding/removing Mac OS X's brushed aluminum theme to/from all applications.

Application Enhancer is, but modules may be distributed as freeware,, or commercial software. A license for the Application Enhancer SDK (required by developers to deploy haxies) is $100 for shareware products and $1000 for commercial products. Leopard compatibility issues [ ] With the release of, users running an outdated copy of APE (2.0.1 or earlier) began to report problems with their upgraded Leopard systems. [ ] The problems occurred when using the 'Upgrade' option rather than the 'Erase and Install' or 'Archive and Install' option.

Application Enhancer for Mac Free Download - enhance and redefine various applications behavior running on your system.

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Microsoft Dl on this page. Symptoms included hour-long 'blue screens' (known as the ) on restart and systems hung inoperable for hours at a time. Users gradually discovered the error and were able to fix it by updating their installation of APE. On 27 October 2007 Unsanity alerted mailing list subscribers of the issue and advised them to have the latest version of the Application Enhancer framework installed prior to installing or upgrading to. References [ ].

Application Enhancer (APE) is a system used in our and third-party products that helps them to enhance and redefine various applications behavior running on your system. What exactly is Application Enhancer? It is a combination of a Framework and a system daemon.

Application Enhancer performs its task by loading plugins (Application Enhancer modules) containing executable code into the Running Applications. Once loaded, the APE module performs the needed modifications (such as redefining the minimize window action, or customizing the standard Apple menu) on the launched application memory space, never touching any files on disk, utilizing set of functions defined in the Application Enhancer framework. To help the APE modules to be loaded into newly launched applications, the Application Enhancer daemon (aped) is used. First of all, to reuse code. This helps us and other developers to save time, disk space and network bandwidth by including a set of commonly used methods in one place, which can be easily upgraded. Second, to preserve compatibility - every now and then a need for one or another product with the functionality Application Enhancer provides arises.

To avoid the unnecessary clutter on your system (various approaches to do the same thing all running at the same time incur potential problems) there is now Application Enhancer along with the Software Development Kit available for any developers interested in the technology at reasonable price, or completely free, depending on the type of the project. Third - to allow the APE modules to initialize before the application launched is actually started executing its code, allowing the Application Enhancer module to do the proper setup.