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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • macOS Sierra, the next-generation Mac operating system, was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference on and launched to the public on. Apple chose to do away with the OS X name in favor of the new 'macOS' name to bring the Mac operating system in line with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. The main new feature in macOS Sierra is Siri integration, bringing Apple's personal assistant to the Mac for the first time. Siri offers many of the same capabilities available on iOS, along with Mac-specific functionality like the ability to search through documents to quickly find files.

Version 10.13 of Apple's macOS--High Sierra--made its debut at the company's 2017 WWDC event. Here's what businesses and professionals need to know about the operating system. Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. The update comes just a few hours after Cupertino launched updates for iOS, HomePod, and more. MacOS Sierra and Windows 10 are both mature, powerful, easy-to-use operating systems, but macOS holds the edge when it comes to coherence and stability. Apple on Monday released an update to macOS High Sierra. The update comes on the heels of iO 11.4.1, watchOS 4.3.2, and tvOS 11.4.1, which were released earlier in the day.

Apple MacOS Sierra

There's also an option to pin Siri search results to the Today section of the Notification Center or to add them to documents to provide up to date information at a glance. Siri can also do things like search through Photos, set reminders, initiate FaceTime calls, and more. In Photos, computer vision and new deep learning algorithms allow the app to recognize people, places, and things in images using facial, object, and scene recognition, using the information to group images into intelligent collections and enable powerful search capabilities. A new ' Memories' tab creates curated collections of past photos to resurface old memories, and there's a new ' Places' album for displaying all photos on a world map.

Messages has rich links for previewing web content and watching video clips directly within the app, and it supports iOS 10 sister features like bigger emoji and ' Tapback' options for quickly responding to messages with icons like a heart or a thumbs up. In iTunes, Apple Music is redesigned with a bolder look and a simpler interface to improve music discovery. Continuity features are expanding in macOS Sierra with the introduction of a new ' Auto Unlock' option for Apple Watch owners. When an authenticated and unlocked Apple Watch is in close proximity to a Mac, it unlocks automatically without the need to enter a password. Also new on the Continuity front is Universal Clipboard, a feature for copying something on one Apple device and pasting it on another. Deeper iCloud integration makes all of the files stored on the desktop or the documents folder of a Mac available on all of a user's devices, including other Macs, the iPhone and the iPad through the iCloud Drive app, and the web through

Apple MacOS Sierra

All Mac apps, first and third-party, are able to use multiple tabs in macOS Sierra, so in apps like Pages, users work with multiple tabs instead of multiple windows when accessing more than one document. Picture in Picture multitasking is also new in the OS, allowing users to watch a video while doing other things.

Along with iOS 10, macOS Sierra supports Apple Pay in the web browser, letting users pay for purchases made on the web with Apple Pay. Payments are authenticated through a connected iPhone using Touch ID or an unlocked Apple Watch.

MacOS Sierra is a free download that became available for all Mac users with a compatible machine. For the first time, Apple's Siri personal assistant is available on Macs through macOS Sierra. Siri can perform the same functions available on iOS, like answering simple queries, looking up information, sending messages, opening apps, and more, plus there are Mac-specific functions. Siri is able to search through your files to quickly find content that you're looking for with queries like 'Find me the documents I opened last week. Latest U Torrent on this page. ' Siri also understands context, so that can be followed up with further refinements like 'just the ones John sent me.'

In macOS Sierra, Siri can be accessed through an icon on the menu bar, a dock app, or a user-specified keyboard command. Siri results, which are displayed in individual windows, can be pinned to the Today section of the Notification Center for later reference, or inserted into a variety of documents.

Siri results are dynamic and are kept up to date, so if you ask Siri about the score of a particular sports game, you can pin the resulting answer to the Notification Center where you'll be able to see score changes at a glance. The ability to pin Siri results to the Notification Center essentially gives you a huge array of widgets that are kept up to date with relevant information. Siri is also able to assist with your day to day work and help with multitasking.

Siri can find you web images, which can be dragged directly into a document, or the assistant can bring up a Map to a party that can be included with email invitations. A lot of work has been done to make Siri useful in many different ways in the Mac. Example Siri for Mac queries • Show the PDFs in my downloads folder • Just the PDFs I worked on last week (a refining request) • Look up the score for tonight's football game • Get directions to the closest coffee shop • How much free space is on my Mac? • Locate all the files I worked on yesterday • Play some 80s songs (Apple Music subscription required) • What's the weather like in San Diego?

• Show me photos I took last year • Send a message to John Continuity. There are expanded Continuity features in macOS Sierra, including a new automatic unlocking feature and a universal copy paste option. With automatic unlock, an authenticated Apple Watch can be used to unlock a Mac over Bluetooth whenever you are near your Mac. The feature requires a 2013 or newer Mac, as well as iOS 10 and watchOS 3 for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Universal Clipboard allows you to copy something on a Mac and then paste it on an iPhone or iPad and vice versa. It's essentially a cross-device copy paste feature.

The Photos app features a new 'Memories' section designed to surface photos that you might have forgotten about, like past trips. It's intelligent and can group photos based on time, location, and even the people and objects in the photo thanks to new computer vision advances. With Memories, you can quickly generate little video montages of the photos from specific trips or locations, with the app automatically adding music, titles, and transitions. Music can be customized to convey a specific feeling, like 'Epic,' 'Sentimental,' and 'Happy,' or you can add your own. Titles and the photos included in each video are also customizable.

Some of the memory categories Photos surfaces includes Recent events, Last Week, Last Weekend, Year summary, Trips, Birthdays, and more. To power Memories and other features, Photos scans all of your pictures and determines who and what is in them, enabling powerful new search capabilities based on topics. Because Photos can tell what's in a photo, you can search for images with cats, trees, mountains, and tons more. There are also newly improved facial recognition features that can better tell who is in an image, and all images of people are organized into a 'People' album. According to, the Photos app in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra is able to distinguish between seven different facial expressions including greedy, disgust, neutral, scream, smiling, surprise, and suspicious.

When it comes to scene and object recognition, it appears Photos is able to recognize upwards of 4,000 different items across a wide variety of categories. A new 'Places' album organizes all of your photos onto a world map so you can see all of the images you've taken in every location around the world. Zooming in lets you see the photos you shot in each place, while zooming out offers a wider overview. As in iOS 10, it's now possible to edit Live Photos using filters and other image adjustment tools. Third-party developers are also able to use a Live Photo Editing API to create tools for editing Live Photos. Photos also has a new 'Brilliance' tool for pulling in highlights and adding contrast to improve the detail in images.