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• Discover a friendly and intuitive environment—Organize, edit, create, and share more quickly and easily thanks to big, bold icons; a helpful Action bar; and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, and Expert editing modes to fit your needs. • Take your photos with you wherever you go—Easily view, relive, and share your Elements photos on your smartphone and tablet. And finally—unlock the photos from your mobile device, and see them in your Elements albums back at home.* • Easily move objects—Move objects in a photo and have the background automatically filled in.

• Add your personal touch, instantly—Use a variety of one-touch Frames, Effects, and Textures to add depth to your snapshots. • Correct pet eye—Remove green, yellow, and other 'pet eye' discolorations as easily as you remove red-eye in photos of people. • Learn as you use—Produce professional effects using one of more than 25 Guided Edits. New effects include Zoom Burst, which brings dramatic action to your photos; Photo Puzzle, which gives a fun puzzle effect; and Old Photo Restore, which helps you fix an old or worn photo.

• Share photos—Quickly post your photos on Facebook, YouTube,™ Vimeo,® Twitter, and more. Now, easily share your Elements photos in shared albums, and view them on your smartphone or tablet.* • Go from flawed to phenomenal in seconds—Get the photo fixes you’re looking for with one-step shortcuts that whiten teeth or make skies a vibrant blue. Make unwanted photo elements vanish with one stroke of the Spot Healing Brush, and use Auto Smart Tone for intelligent photo corrections. • Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product—Use Photoshop Elements 12 for all your photo needs. Intuitively organize and find photos; edit and enhance them; create custom photo keepsakes; and share via print, the web, and more.* • Manage your photos more easily—Intuitively sort and manage photos based on people, places, and events using new Organizer views. Find your photos using visual tags that represent people, places, pets, events, and objects.

• Choose a trusted solution—Bring your photos to life with a powerful picture editing solution built from Adobe Photoshop, the professional standard for digital image editing. • Map your memories—Relive your journeys by viewing your photos and videos on a map based on where they were taken.* • Create fuller panoramas—Easily create your best-looking panoramas yet. Photomerge Panorama uses powerful blending capabilities to fill in jagged edges as it automatically stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos. • Create the perfect group shot—Never let a frown or a closed pair of eyes ruin a group photo again. With Photomerge Group Shot, it’s easy to combine faces and bodies from a series of pictures to create a single perfect composite. • Show off your creativity with flexible layouts—Make calendars, scrapbook pages, cards, and more in minutes using professionally designed templates, or customize every aspect of your creations.

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With Adobe Revel,™ not all Elements file formats are supported.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12: What’s New? A newcomber in the toolbox is Content Aware Move, which has been part of the main Photoshop for a while. This lets you select an element in the picture and then simply move it to a new location.

The software will analyse the surroundings and fill in the hole as best it can. The tool is only available in Expert mode, and there are a few options to configure how the selection functions, including whether it adds, subtracts or intersects. You can also use the tool to extend instead of moving, which essentially copies the selection. The tool is intended for activities like moving people around family portraits, but can be used for other creative activities. It also attempts to blend the moved selection to fit the background it now has.

However, we had mixed results with the Content Aware Move tool, depending considerably on how well we had executed the selection, and the complexity of the background. Generally, we found a bit of extra retouching was necessary to get a really good effect, although the tool does speed up the process considerably. Another new tool is aimed at animals lovers. This is an enhancement of the Red Eye reduction facility that has existed for many versions to include pets. The difference here is that the tool can now cope with the different colouration of animal eyes, and the various flash reflections this causes. A checkbox in the Red Eye tool enables the mode.

We found it effective with the sample pet images we tried. Another new correction facility is the Content Aware Fill for the Straighten tool, which is again available in Expert Mode.

This is for those times when you have shot something at slightly the wrong angle, and need to straighten the picture out, for example to make the horizon horizontal. If you select Autofill Edges, any empty spaces that appear will be automatically filled in with content derived from the nearby image edges. The results are reasonably effective, so long as the straightening angle isn’t too acute, and the edge content is generic. Avant Browser Old Version. Otherwise, some odd repetitions occur, although they are still blended well with the original image. The new Auto Smart Tone is almost exactly the same as the tool in Premiere Elements 12.

It provides four tonal adjustment options for you to choose from, in the four corners of the image, with a control joystick in the middle that can be shifted between the four corners to blend them. You can achieve the same effect with a mixture of existing enhancement filters, but this is a more intuitive way for those who prefer to work visually. It will also allegedly remember your settings and make suggestions in keeping with this next time you use the tool.