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Though Microsoft Office is the 800-pound gorilla of productivity software, it's not the best choice for every home or business user. Some people find that the cost, which runs from $70 a year for a single-user home license to $8.25 per employee per month for a small business, is too high. Others just want a better collaboration and cloud experience or stronger desktop publishing features than Office offers. Whatever your reason for ditching Office, you have several strong choices.

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Word Document Software

All of these office suites are capable of reading and writing to Microsoft Office file formats, though some are more compatible than others. To help you choose, we've evaluated the top five Microsoft Office alternatives, ranging from Google's low-cost, web-based apps to the attractive freemium WPS Office and Corel's pricey but powerful WordPerfect Office. Best Overall: Google Apps Rating: 4.5 Stars Price: Free / $5 per user per month Google's Apps for Work Suite is our favorite Office alternative, because it offers real-time collaboration and syncing capabilities that beat Microsoft at its own game. If you're working on documents with other people, you'll love being able to edit the same documents at the same time and watching their words appear as soon as they hit the keys, a capability Microsoft only offers to some Word 2016 subscribers. As long as you are online when editing documents, your changes are saved to the cloud constantly and a complete revision history is available at all times, meaning that you should never lose your work. Compatibility: Google Apps does a good job importing DOCX and PPTX files and converting those into documents inside Apps. Complex Word and PowerPoint files will need to be checked and perhaps tweaked, but the majority of your files should make the jump fairly easily.

The Best Free Word Processing Software app downloads for Windows: Apache OpenOffice Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (32 bit) Microsoft Word Kural Tamil. Microsoft Word 2016 with an Office 365 subscription is the latest version of Word. Previous versions include Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, and Word 2003.

Spreadsheet files are a different story. Google's Sheets app is behind Excel and competitors in the features and functions race. Be prepared to recreate any spreadsheets that use much more than arithmetic functions. Freshmaza Games there.

Familiarity: Apps offers a clean, functional interface stripped of the bloat that infects so many other programs and their menus. That means little or nothing will be familiar when word processing, making presentations or creating spreadsheets. Those already using Gmail (and there are millions of you) may have a slight advantage. But the Apps tend to be more minimalist than Gmail. Intangibles: Google's Apps are free for individuals, and $5 or $10 per month per user for your company.

You'll live in your browser, a different feeling than a typical office suite. And though you can cache them for offline editing, your files will be out there on Google's servers, rather than in your computer or your data center, which can take some getting used to. • • Best Desktop Office Alternative: WPS Office 2016 Rating: 4 stars Price: Free or $45 / year WPS Office 2016 bills itself as the 'World's most advanced free office suite for Windows PC.' Even better, it runs on Macs, Linux and tablets as well. And it looks so much like Office at times you'll forget what you're using.

Even better, the suite offers a few helpful features you won't find in Microsoft Office, including tabbed documents, the ability to change the color and style of the UI and a pleasant 'Eye Protection Mode,' which turns the background green to go easier on your peepers. USB Over Network. Compatibility: WPS doesn't just import Office files; it reads and writes the ones you have without a problem. We only noticed the smallest issues when using WPS on Office files, none of which took more than a moment to resolve. Familiarity: The Ribbon menu looks better in many ways than the one you see in Microsoft Office. You'll think Office got a refresh.