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Download here: Type: Survival horror game Developer: Operating system: Windows Version: 0.97 In many ways it is a classic hunt-and-collect game, but there's an added element of suspense thrown in for good measure to keep you on your toes. You find yourself walking around in the dark equipped with a torch to help you see.

Slender: The Eight Pages, formerly known as Slender is a free experimental game developed by Parsec Productions. It was released as a beta in June 2012 for Windows and Mac OS X. After 2 months since I first played the Original Slender I decided to revisit the game in this Let's Play of Slender: The Eight Pages. Watch this gameplay video where I venture into the dark woods as the Slender Man chases me down. Slender: The Eight Pages is a freeware indie-developed first-person survival horror video game released in June 2012 as a beta for Microsoft Windows and OS X. To play this game, use W, A, S and D to move, F to turn on/off your flash-light and the mouse to collect the pages. Notes and Credits (added by I-Remix2001) I would like to. Download latest version of Slender: The Eight Pages.

Spend too long hunting and your battery will run out - if the Slender Man doesn't catch up with your first, that is. The main problem with Slender is that it's just a bit, well, dull really. The premise of the game means that you know from the offset that it's not going to be the most action-packed adventure. This isn't the issue. The issue is pacing and repetitiveness.

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The torch battery is an interesting touch, as is the stamina limit, which means you have to walk rather than run for most of the game, but both can ultimately be frustrating. Player experience. The sense of threat posed by the game is quite heart-quickening. The pulse-like thuds that indicate the approaching enemy really add to the dark and moody atmosphere, and this is something that it enhanced by the lo-fi graphics and dingy lighting.

Paint Tool Sai more. You're encouraged to try a session of full screen gaming (ditch the windowed mode) with the lights out. Unfortunately, to cut to the chase, it's a bit boring. Yes, there is the element of suspense to make things a little more interesting, but at its heart, this is an incredibly simple game with very limited gameplay. There are effectively eight levels to work through and there is no real variety in what you need to do - the difficulty level just increases. While there is an element of fear to the game, the sense of challenge is diminished by the fact that there is only one enemy to avoid – and are far more terrifying than anything game manages to conjure up.

The sense of threat and anticipation is built upon through the clever use of soundscapes. There is a strange paradox in that the only way to stop the relentless onslaught of the Slender Man is to look at him, but if you look at him for too long you will die. Paradoxical, and a little frustrating – especially if you are keen to get a glimpse of what you're meant to be running away from.

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Console PC Developer Parsec Productions Genre Survival horror Episodes 4 Playlist Run July 4, 2012 - October 16, 2013 Status Complete ← previous next → Slender: The Eight Pages, originally known as Slender, is a game played. Game Information Slender: The Eight Pages is set in the middle of a dense Forest during the middle of the night, and is played from a first person perspective.

The player's objective is to collect all eight pages located in various areas of the forest whilst avoiding the Slender Man. As the player collects pages, the fog in the forest grows thicker, and Slender Man appears closer to the player's character, though the sprinting speed slowly increases as well. Slender Man moves by teleporting, creeping around the player, but only from a certain distance. The player is equipped with only a flashlight to see through the dark (its battery life is limited and will eventually shut down permanently if left on for an extended period of time). The player's character has the ability to 'jog', which will eventually, however, tire out the player and make him wheeze, if the jogging were to go on for too long. Slender Man will occasionally appear in the player's field of vision, accompanied with a loud piano slamming noise and/or static on the screen. This then allows the ability to 'sprint' to become available to the player.

'Sprinting' allows the player to move faster than 'jogging' does, but will also decrease the maximum stamina available for 'jogging' and 'sprinting'. A game over occurs when either the player has taken too long to find a note, the player stares at Slender Man for too long, or if Slender Man comes into contact with the player, which will turn them around and end the game. The game over screen shows Slender Man's face up close and blinking static pulses. Episodes • • • • Warfstache Plays • Playthrough After being pestered with numerous requests from fans begging for him to play The Eight Pages, Mark gave in and decided to give it a go. Prior to Mark's first attempt, he was limited in knowledge of the Slender Man's capabilities and traits, and was not fully understanding of the reason why the game was considered among the scariest. Through the course of the episode, he discovers the landmarks and coins different names for each of them (e.g. The cement silo became the 'red dildo', due to its appearance) and tries to goad the Slender Man into killing him.

Mark's first meeting with the Slender Man was less than pleasant - his first physical appearance causes Mark to panic slightly, shortly after discovering the 'cross' wall (at the time, a large wood-fenced cross). He expresses indifference toward the Slender Man as he grabs his second page from the wall, before moving on. As he treks through, he becomes wary of the Slender Man's moves, and occasionally looks back to keep him in check. He becomes increasingly concerned when the Slender Man spawns near the building and seemingly follows him inside as he enters.