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Describes how to back up Outlook data. This includes how to back up, export, import personal folders (.pst) file data. Also describes how to back up Personal Address Books, Outlook Settings Files and data on an Exchange Server. Discusses how to create, to distribute, to store, and to automatically process a vCard in Outlook.

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Find what you need—fast Outlook provides Keyword & People suggestions as you type and surfaces recent search queries to save time with frequent searches. Share files from the cloud Upload and share attachments from OneDrive and OneDrive for Business—without leaving Outlook. Recipients have access to the latest version automatically.

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We're going to assume the code is 100% ready-to-use, not a code snippet that is half complete. If the code will be run against items in your mailbox or personal folders, you should make a backup of the mailbox or data file, just in case something goes wrong with the code. If the code runs against a specific folder, copying the folder and contents may be enough 'insurance', (You should have routine backups regardless, but I know many users don't bother.) At least very least, make a copy of the items in the folder you are running the code against. Check Macro Security Level Before you begin, you'll need to check your macro security setting, otherwise, you'll need to use selfcert.exe to sign your macros to test them.

Outlook 2007 and older: Access the dialog to change the security level from Tools, Macros, Security. Outlook 2010 and up: File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Macro Security. It's highly recommended that you set the Macro Security level to only allow digitally signed macros. Do not choose the Low option (run all, never ask), except during testing.

Note that some security software will set it to High and your macros will not run. Moborobo Iphone. You may need to restart Outlook after changing the security setting. Open the VBA Editor Now you are ready to open the VBA Editor. Press Alt+F11 on your keyboard, or if you are showing the Developer ribbon, click the Visual Basic Editor command to open it. In Outlook 2007 and older, the command in on the Tools, Macros menu. Dvd X Players. If your screen does not resemble the screenshot above, with the white editing pane open, you'll need to click on Microsoft Outlook Objects to expand it then double click on ThisOutlookSession to open it in the editing pane on the right side. To add a module to the VBA project, right click on Project1 and choose Insert >Module to insert a new module.

Generally speaking, you can put the code into either ThisOutlookSession or a Module, unless otherwise noted that it must be in ThisOutlookSession or a module. Application_Start macros must be in ThisOutlookSession. Starting out with Outlook Macros Video Tutorial This video tutorial shows you have to change the macro security settings, add a macro to Outlook, run the macro, and then create a digital signature using SelfCert.exe to sign the macro before increasing macro security. Run the Macro Press F5 or the Run button to run the macro from the VBA editor. (It's highly recommended you make a backup of the folders or message store before running macros.) Ctrl+Break will pause the macro, or press the Stop button on the toolbar to end it.