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This article is about the Autodesk 3DS Max file format. For the name of the file format of N3DS game files information, see. For other uses, see.

3DS Max File.3ds application/x-3ds, image/x-3ds 4D 4D (), MM () Developed by Inc. Type of format 3DS is one of the used by the 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. It was the native file format of the (releases 1 to 4), which was popular until its successor (3D Studio MAX 1.0) replaced it in April 1996. Having been around since 1990 (when the first version of 3D Studio DOS was launched), it has grown to become a industry standard for transferring models between 3D programs, or for storing models for 3D resource catalogs (along with, which is more frequently used as a model archiving file format). While the 3DS format aims to provide an import/export format, retaining only essential geometry, texture and lighting data, the related MAX format (now superseded by the PRJ format [ ]) also contains extra information specific to Autodesk 3ds Max, to allow a scene to be completely saved/loaded. Contents • • • • • Structure [ ] 3ds is a.

Is 3ds Max

It really depends on what you need it to do. Architectural work: I haven't done much of this sort of work myself, but as far as I know, Max offers way more useful primitives in this area (like stairs, rails, pipes). This article provides the system requirements for Autodesk® 3ds Max and Autodesk 3ds Max Design products. Scn File Viewer. 3D Studio Max (and similar 3D animation packages like Cinema 4D, Maya, Softimage XSI, Blender, etc) is a complete 3D animation package. I come from the background of visual effects films, TV commercials, and animated CG episodics. Hello My name is Neil Hazzard and Im Principal Engineer for 3ds Max Im really pleased to present 3ds Max 2019 coming out this Thursday March 22. Stay on top of the latest 3ds Max tools and techniques. Get a new tip every Wednesday to expand your 3ds Max knowledge and skills.

The format is, where each section of data is embedded in a block that contains a chunk identifier and the length of the data (to provide the location of the next main block), as well as the data itself. This allows parsers to skip chunks they don't recognize, and allows for extensions to the format. The chunks form a hierarchical structure, similar to an xml. The first two bytes of the chunk are its ID. From that value the parser can identify the chunk and decide whether it will parse it or skip it. The next four bytes contain a integer that is the length of the chunk, including its data, the length of its sub-blocks and the 6-byte header.

The next bytes are the chunk's data, followed by the sub-chunks, in a structure that may extend to several levels deep. Below is a list of the most common IDs for chunks, represented in a hierarchical fashion depicting their dependencies.

So you're ready to dive into the world of graphics, the next step now is to choose a program to use, that's easier said than done, as there are many different 3D applications to choose from. The most popular in the CG industry is and, and a very common question is which 3D application is better?

Is 3ds Max

Does one program allow you to create amazing models much faster? And can knowing either 3ds Max or Maya land you that job at your dream studio?

Let's break down the differences between the two, as well as each program's strengths and weaknesses and answer the all important question, 'Max or Maya?' The first question that needs to be answered is, 'Can knowing either 3ds Max or Maya increase your chances at landing a job?'

The answer is simple, no. If you're weighing the two applications based on if you get brownie points for knowing Maya over 3ds Max or vise versa is probably not a viable question.

Is 3ds Max

Skills always comes first among recruiters, if you're an amazing 3D modeler in Maya, and the job requires you to use 3ds Max then that place will likely train you in 3ds Max, because your work speaks for itself, not the application you used to create it. That being said, both 3ds Max and Maya both have their strengths and depending on how you want to use the application will determine which program you should choose.

There is a reason these two applications have become industry standards, they both are powerful programs, but yes, depending on how you want to use the programs, it might be smart to use one over the other. What Are You Going to Use it for? You should ask yourself what you're going to use the program for, are you wanting to create 3D character models, or create performances through? Or maybe you want to break into game design, so you'll be using the application for creating.

You also might be using the program for architectural visualization, or integrating it within a VFX pipeline for film. Whatever the case may be, you should know exactly what you want to do with the program, because that alone can help you decide what to choose, 3ds Max or Maya. Rendering Both applications have the rendering engine mental ray built into the software, so you're essentially getting the same rendering capabilities in either program. Of course, the workflow may be a little different, but you can get comparable results in either application.

Modeling 3ds Max has a very robust toolset with a huge library of different modifiers which can make the modeling process easier. Depending on how new you are to the world of 3D then modeling in 3ds Max can be a little easier to grasp. If you're familiar with the Booleon operation, 3ds Max is also known to work much easier and smoothly than in Maya. It may seem like a simple command is not a big deal, but it can actually go along way. If you're going to get into the architectural visualization like interiors and buildings, 3ds Max really caters to this type of artist, giving you the option of 3ds Max Design which is a favorite program among architects and designers. In Maya is a little less forgiving, and some complex models can be a little harder to accomplish, but with the release of Maya 2014 and the modeling toolkit it has brought in some very powerful modeling tools that really begins to level the playing field, with some great re-topology tools and a faster workflow.

Animation For the most part, Maya has been known to be a much more powerful application when it comes to, with a huge library of animation tools. It's also very customizable if you know a bit of MEL or Python which are the scripting languages in Maya. For example, uses Maya for all their animation and rigging tasks. That's not to say in 3ds Max is bad, not in the slightest, and for the most part the exact same animation could be accomplished in either application, but when it comes to ease of use, and the amount of tools available, Maya is the stronger of the two. Rigging When it comes to, Maya pulls ahead slightly in this category as well.

However, it does require a bit more programming in MEL if you want to create complex character rigs. Now, with 3ds Max it can be a bit easier to, but you can create complex rigs in Maya that might be very difficult to achieve in 3ds Max. Where Maya Shines Maya's proprietary scripting language MEL is highly customizable, and that is one reason why Maya can be found a lot in the film industry because studios like to be able to create their own set of tools that can help them achieve their job much easier. Maya has really been know as the go-to app for 3D animators among the industry for its robust rigging and animation tools and its animator friendly workflow. You also have the choice of which is a huge benefit among new game developers as it's a relatively cheap subscription cost, of course, you don't have access to as many of the features of the full version of Maya, but you still have the most important to a game designer, like modeling, animation and texturing. Where 3ds Max Shines 3ds Max has been known for its powerful modeling tools, allowing you to create complex 3D models with a very fast workflow and robust modifiers, with the entire poly modeling tools contained in one area of the UI.