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I Livid

The creators of the iLivid Virus benefit from your clicks. Downlaod Ghost. For example, when you are redirected to iLivid.com website and if you click on the advertisements displayed on the site, the creators will receive advertisement fees from your clicks. However, there’s a greater malicious intent than to gain profits from your clicks. The iLivid Virus is capable of stealing your personal information by recording your and capturing your username and passwords to your email, credit cards, and banking information.

If you're livid, you're furious, in a black cloud of anger. The Latin root this word comes from means 'bluish-gray' or 'slate-colored,' and you can also use livid to describe the color, such as a livid bruise or a livid sea. ILivid is a comprehensive video download manager. Download its latest version for free from SoftChamp.com now.

ILivid Virus can also infect your PC by drive-by downloads. A drive-by download is a malicious program that is installed on your computer while visiting an infected website or viewing an HTML email message. Drive-by download programs are installed without your consent, and you don’t even have to click on a link on the web page or email to get infected. Drive-by downloads are considered to be client-side attacks.

Client-side attacks target vulnerabilities that exist in your computer system which interact with a compromised server. Consequently, drive-by downloads can identify and exploit vulnerabilities that may exist in your browser as well as attack your PC due to low-security settings. This threat exposes vulnerabilities within your system (the client). In order protect your computer form the iLivid Virus and other drive-by download attacks, make sure you have installed the latest version for your Internet browser. Older Internet browsers are likely to have security holes that may be exploited by the iLivid Virus. If you’re running Windows on your PC and use Internet Explorer, updates for your browser are included when you install. To improve security for, make sure you install all available updates for your browser by accessing Windows Update on your PC.

I LividI Livid
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