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Login access to Hotmail. There have been several changes that have taken place to Hotmail. From Hotmail domain it was moved to MSN and then redirected to Live. Connect for Hotmail gives you easy access to your mail - everywhere! This app is the best unofficial app for Hotmail: it is always synchronized and notifies you when new mails arrive.

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At the time when Hotmail was new, people could sign into their account with preliminary steps: • Hotmail only required one to sign into their account by entering the username and password. • In case one forgot their password, one could find the password emailed to their alternate email address. Easiest ways of signing into Hotmail account led to certain problems in the later years. As hacking and spam email communication increased, many Hotmail members were dissatisfied with Hotmail security measures. For that reason, Hotmail, which was by then a part of Microsoft’s service, became more active with sign in security measures.


Even then there were complaints about hacking activities taking place in Hotmail accounts. Hotmail was taken over by Microsoft soon after it was introduced.

It was available to MSN members as well as could be accessed directly through the Hotmail domain. In the first decade of the new millennium Microsoft started an integrated campaign. That included moving all its services to the Live domain. Microsoft even included Hotmail in this process. As a result, Hotmail domain was redirected to the Live domain. Norton Antivirus For. However the integration of Hotmail did not stop there. Microsoft brought out the Outlook email service as a web based offering.

Those who were using Outlook as a desktop mail service linked to Windows could now find a brand new, web based email service to use. What’s more, Hotmail domain was merged with Outlook.

If you are wondering what are the changes that have come by with Hotmail accounts, you will notice the following: • Hotmail account sign-in can happen only through Outlook or Live domain. • With a common login panel you need to key in your full Hotmail email address in the username field. • You will find several changes having taken place in your Hotmail email inbox, the same having integrated with the new Outlook webmail platform. The process to sign into your Hotmail account is as follows: • Visit Outlook or Live domain to find the common login panel. • This login page represents a gateway to all Microsoft account services. The new rule makes every user of a Microsoft service to sign up for an account.

As a result, no matter what Microsoft service you use, you would be required to sign in through the login panel. What’s more, the account ID you create would provide access to all kinds of services of Microsoft. • If you have an existing Hotmail account, use your existing account credentials to sign into your account. • You need to enter your account email address in full in the username field. • The password field requires you to enter the password that exists in your account.

• Details for your account sign-in process can be found in the help section below the login panel. • You will find assistance for recovering your lost password through this link. • The link will take you to a page where you will be asked to enter the alternate email address that is provided by you. • When you provide the email address, you will be sent a link. By clicking on this link you will be redirected to a page to reset your password. There are several conveniences that are added to Hotmail sign in process these days.

For instance: • When you sign in, you can seek to remain logged in through the option that is provided below the login section. • There is the option to use the two step verification process at the time of signing in. If you activate the same, you will be able to secure your sign process even more. • The Outlook or Live app of Microsoft allows you to access your Hotmail account on your mobile device. This will allow you to check emails and stay updated with your correspondence without having to stay connected with your desktop or laptop all the time. The sign in process for Hotmail has been improved in terms of security due to the two step verification process.

This is a process whereby one requires to key-in a code that is sent as text or phone call to the registered phone number. This can help prevent hacking or ID thefts of one’s account. The steps to activate the two step verification process are described below: • Hotmail account settings have an option for security settings. • You will find the security settings section when you log into your Hotmail account and visit the inbox page. • Through the security settings page you can activate the two step verification process.

• You will need to update certain security details in case such information was not filled in before. • You would be asked to verify or fill in a phone number that could be used for the verification process. Compass Software. • The phone number would need to be validated.

This is done by sending a text code as a message or through a phone call to the number you key in. Once you validate the number you can proceed to activate the two step verification process. • There are other ways of making your account sign-in secure as well. For instance, you could opt for the mobile authenticator app.

If you use this option, you can scan the barcode that is provided and link your mobile device with your Hotmail account. As a result, you will receive a sign-in key as a text to your mobile device for which you need not be connected to the internet as well. It allows you to access your account locally. With the above measures Microsoft has ensured that Hotmail account sign-in is a secure process.

Today Hotmail account has several advantages to offer. With a brand new inbox and features as offered through Outlook, you can avail of several new features and conveniences in your Hotmail inbox. • Organization features have been improved for the Hotmail account.

When you log into your account, you will find innovative calendar tools. As a result, it is easy to set up reminders for timing your communication and logging your daily events. Organization of the different folders allows you to see the emails as per relevant categories. There are colorful tagging options which make your email inbox look attractive and appealing, making you want to spend more time on the inbox page.

• Inbox segmentation is another unique feature of the new Hotmail account. You could move all unnecessary emails to the Clutter inbox. You can use the Focused segment to ensure that all your important email communication is in place.

At the same time, you need not worry about your emails getting lost as all emails are in place and can be accessed as and when you need them. You can also create customized folders to organize the emails in a way that they become easy to retrieve as and when required. • The new email layout also has a great feature added. If you travel often, your flight and travel itineraries would get organized into the built in calendar function. You will be able to organize your travel plans easily and get access to them as and when you need them.

• The next point that makes Hotmail account attractive is the availability of Office with your inbox. As a result, you can edit, share as well as creates documents or spreadsheets as well as presentations in your inbox itself. What’s more, you could add the important documents to your account in OneDrive that is available as an additional service to your Hotmail account. You can share these files with others by sending them a link from your OneDrive account. • Hotmail account can be the one platform on which you view all other accounts.

For instance, you might have a Yahoo or a Gmail account. You could get emails from other accounts to come into your Hotmail account. The same function can be activated in your mobile app as well. Hence, it becomes a simpler way to deal with all kinds of email communication on a single platform. • Your Hotmail ID offers you ease of access to several tie up services such as PayPal, Uber and others. As a result, once you have signed into your Hotmail account, you will be able to access all such services without having to create additional accounts with them.

If you have an account with Facebook, you can view all messages and posts through your Hotmail account. As a result, it becomes easy to stay updated with your friends’ happenings on this platform and post or share on this platform as you wish to. Hotmail users will surely see the several changes that have come by from the early times when they used to sign into their account.

Hotmail has changed its domain several times and many people have often been confused as to how to access their account. However, Hotmail domain on a web browser has always redirected users to the right platform without leaving them without a clue as to where to find their Hotmail account.