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DreamWear Fit Pack (All sizes ship with Medium Frame) PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED Low Price Guarantee! The Philips Respironics DreamWear Fit Pack is a hybrid CPAP mask designed to combine the benefits of a nasal mask and nasal pillows. The innovative design of the DreamWear mask grants users greater freedom of movement and a more comfortable, unencumbered sleeping experience.


Dreamwear, Inc. Is a leading global manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel dedicated to providing diversified product categories that are functional & fashionable for women of all shapes & sizes. Buy Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask from our huge stock of Respironics CPAP Full Face Masks. DreamWear Nasal fitting guide The DreamWear Nasal cushion comes in four sizes to provide you with your best fit (small, medium, large and medium wide). To see which size is right for you, download our easy-to-use Sizing Guide. Dreamwear’s dedication to high-quality product and on trend designs makes us a leading global force in the women’s intimate apparel industry. We partner with valuable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure timely delivery of product and keep up-to-date with the latest technological advances. Our expert design teams travel the world to create. DreamWear's unique design offers many of the benefits.

The secret to the DreamWear’s success is its unconventional hybrid nasal/nasal pillows design. The DreamWear remains fixed in position under the patient’s nose like a traditional mask, but the seal with the patient’s airway is more similar to a nasal pillows system. This minimal contact under the nose cushion helps prevent the discomfort, irritation and red marks patients can experience with more conventional CPAP masks.

Unlike traditional nasal pillows or nasal masks, the hose tubing doesn’t extend from the front of the face. Instead the pressurized air flows from the nostrils through broad-tubed channels flanking the patient’s cheekbones before turning upward to terminate in the hose junction on top of the head. DreamWear users claim (based off Philips User Preference Questionnaire) the DreamWear improves comfort and fit compared to their previous masks. Philips also touts that DreamWear users experience more freedom of movement throughout the night.

Unrestricted by tubes around their neck and face, DreamWear patients can change sleeping positions easier, able to turn from their stomach, side and back with less worry about getting tangled up. I have terrible sinus issues during the winter and in the past, have had to wear full face masks (ugh).

During spring, summer and fall I usually wear an AirFit P10, but that just doesn't work for me in winter. Enter the DreamWear. Abr Viewer more. It doesn't blow air directly into your sinuses and fits like a dream.

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I downgraded it 0.5 point because when I roll over to sleep on my side, I have to adjust the straps in back to prevent leaks. Windows 7 Theme S on this page. This is a small issue, though.

Dream Wear Full Face Mask

I sleep very well with it and my ResMed AirSense tells me I average 1.0 or less events per hour. Pretty darn good! Like others, I have long hair, but put it into a pony tail on top of my head for sleep. The mask fits fine around it. I also like the top mount for the hose (no more wrestling with the hose when I roll over).

I am an active sleeper, so these little things are important. Like others, I also am allowed (by Medicare) only one mask replacement every six months. My last one was the AirFit P10 in December, so rather than wait 3 months, I opted to buy the DreamWear myself. SleepDirect has a competitive price and they are local for me.

I recommend them. This DreamWear fit pack supplies you with everything you need to end all the negatives of CPAP. It comes set up for the average user but includes what would be needed for any size face. It is very soft yet strong and there is nothing sticking in your nose like some 'air pillow' devices. When I first put mine on, I could barely tell I was wearing it. The air supply hose has been moved from in front of your face to the top of your head with a swivel connection.

If you are an 'active' sleeper as I am, it frees up your movements. You are can roll over as much as you want without being awakened by mask pressure or tangled hose. And you don't need a special pillow with cutouts to accommodate a CPAP mask. There is nothing to gouge the bridge of your nose or cause flaky skin around your nose. Another big plus is that it is much easier to clean than a mask!

And you don't look like you are going scuba diving when you go to bed. Bottom line: Very comfortable, free movement, easy to clean. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with moderate apnea. I have tried several models of the nasal pillows as I have a fairly small nose. After a while my husband said I would mess with the pillows all night while I slept trying to adjust for comfort and kept him awake with the loud blowing air. Got this DreamWear and noticed an immediate improvement. So much more comfortable.

The hose stays out of the way and I don't pull it off in my sleep. Using medium frame and small mask. As others have mentioned the fit is best when you sleep on your back but with practice I've learned to sleep on my side just fine. Highly recommend this mask and so does my grateful husband!

Dreamwear, Inc. Is a leading global manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel dedicated to providing diversified product categories that are functional & fashionable for women of all shapes & sizes. With locations both domestically and internationally, Dreamwear has provided nearly twenty years of design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to retail partners. We have also forged strategic worldwide partnerships to provide effective production, on-time delivery and a high quality product at a competitive price. Our products keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

The collaboration between our Design Studio, Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Technical Designers creates an end-result of trend-right, stylish, competitively priced product that is executed with the proper fit, construction and quality. We offer product at an exceptional price and within a realistic timeframe, while maintaining the flexibility to meet the changing demands of the market.